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It was written:

Is there any reason to continue with this kind of thing? It's off-topic 
and getting nasty. If you can't let it drop, can you at least make it a 
private argument, instead of posting this stuff on the list?

I don't really mind off-topic discussions, but this is just ridiculous, don't you think?

My reply:

As far as off-topic it depends.  The thread is on measuring input and outputs of growing methods, Alan made an intelligent response about the labor factor, relevant to fruit growers or row crop growers.  He actually read the original post rather than trying to promote a political agenda.  My retort that you object to was a slap down of using the thread to advance a political agenda. You will notice a pattern, I don't back down when people push on me.  Don't push and you won't get shoved back.  Other than that I am a fairly peaceful sort, I just have disdain for B.S. 

The point of the original topic is, you need to look at the extraneous factors impacting your results in order to ascertain your results are actually correlated to what you think you are testing.

As I said Alan made a good point.  Essentially burning 4000 calories a day to produce 2600 calories a day may be a very questionable practice if you claim you are doing it for environmental or sustainability reasons.  On the other hand if you are able to use 4000 cheap calories to produce 2600 expensive calories and money is the object it may be very desirable.  As with many things it is relative.

I could be wrong but I figure there are only about 6 reasons to be on this list:

1) you grow for a profit
2) you grow for environmental reasons 
3) you grow as hobby or pastime
4) you grow out of necessity
5) you are promoting your business
6) you grow for taste

I would think the thread is relevant to the first 4 on the list. 

In order to further positive thought some years back a challenge of sort was put forth, essentially it was to see how much land was actually needed to grow a large percentage of your own food.  Over the years I saw more than one website that reported some individual (very small sample) results.  The thing I found intriguing was the reported difficulty of actually being able to manage the workload and the land requirements were much greater than ever anticipated.   I believe the general opinion is if you wanted to grow a good percentage of your own food it really was close to a full time job if you did not resort to modern commercial techniques.  I would very much enjoy hearing quantitative results to the contrary. Additionally as I recall if you wanted to create your own flour and the like you needed fairly large acreage and then mgmt became an issue.   



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