[NAFEX] Fluff's venom

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 17:01:30 EDT 2009

>...But feel free to live in harmony with the fairies dancing on pin-heads.

"Is there any reason to continue with this kind of thing? It's off-topic
and getting nasty. If you can't let it drop, can you at least make it a
private argument, instead of posting this stuff on the list?
I don't really mind off-topic discussions, but this is just ridiculous,
don't you think?"

Whew!  That's a pretty venemous rejection of venom.  Let's at least try to
keep our plees for civility civil.

Personally I always find Fluffy's posts interesting- even when I've been the
target of his wrath.  The subject is fundamentally about fruit and other
agricultural production and the environmental impact thereof.  We go much
more off topic than this all the time.
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