[NAFEX] realism when looking at inputs

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Thu Jun 18 12:03:52 EDT 2009

> But feel free to live in harmony with the fairies dancing on pin-heads.

Is there any reason to continue with this kind of thing? It's off-topic 
and getting nasty. If you can't let it drop, can you at least make it a 
private argument, instead of posting this stuff on the list?

I don't really mind off-topic discussions, but this is just ridiculous, 
don't you think?

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

Americans are apt to be unduly interested in what average opinion 
believes average opinion to be. The battle of wits to anticipate the 
basis of conventional valuation of a few months hence does not even 
require gulls amongst the public to feed the maws of the professional - 
it can be played by professionals among themselves. - John Maynard Keynes

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