[NAFEX] Bangor blackberry trial in zone 3

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Thu Jun 18 09:38:52 EDT 2009

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Feel free to pass along this info to other NAFEX folks. Best to be harsh and 
protect our favorite fruit varieties from facts. Your zone is indeed 
marginal for
"Bangor". Thanks for this long observation and feedback.


On Mon 25/05/09 08:39 , "Jim Fruth" jimfruth at charter.net sent:
> Heron,         One Bangor cane was  struggling to produce green
> buds showing possible promise that at least one of  the plants you
> sent me might have been hardier than the others.  But I  grubbed it
> out along with all the others.  "Why," you ask?  Bangor  acts like a
> weed.  All of the other varieties I have been trialing are
> predictable; primocanes emerge close to the parent plant and can be
> trellised.  Not so for Bangor.  Bangor primocanes come up anywhere,
> rarely near the parent.  Bangor would be desirable for folks who don't
> trellis their blackberries but, if I were to keep it, I would have to
> move the  trellis(s) every year and not likely in a straight line.
> I am keeping Thibodeau for,  at least, another season because it
> responded well to being weighted down to be  covered with snow.

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