[NAFEX] flavorless food

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Wed Jun 17 20:10:36 EDT 2009

A guy from Poland said that the first year he was in the US, he could tell 
what he was eating only by color and shape.  He said American food has no 
taste.  When I suggested a garden, he said he tried that and it wasn't much 
better.  So it might be varieties, or it might be depleted soil.  Somewhere 
I read something by a guy who said he could taste the effect of the soil on 
fruit from different areas.  He said the South gave things an earthy taste 
he didn't like in the fruit.  I wonder if the crops in Poland have more 
flavor because the fields were not exposed to nitrogen fertilizers till 
recent years.  When the N eats up the organic matter, I think it's harder 
for the soil to hang onto trace minerals.  Ireland was a third world country 
till recent decades, my 50 yo husband remembers when chemical fertilizer was 
first applied to the fields there, and the potatoes had no flavor that year 
or the years afterward.
    We met a couple from Quebec who also said American food has no flavor. 
I know that organic matter is broken down too quickly in the south, making 
me suspect again that the ratio of organic matter may have as much to do 
with flavor as anything else.  Oh, that and the fact that our red and yellow 
clays in the south are worn out and used up.  These are very old soils, what 
they had is long gone over the millions of years they have been here, and 
they aren't all that good at holding anything till you get the pH and 
organic matter up.  When you do that, then things get screwy because closer 
to neutral, it's harder to pick up the very scarce trace minerals.    Donna 

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