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Wed Jun 17 17:46:52 EDT 2009

Funny how so many responded to my smaller heads of lettuce remark and not at
all to the actual point I was trying to make.  I grow my own vegetables
organically and my heads of lettuce are quite large and flavorful.  I
realize that when you pump up produce with a lot of quick release N you get
larger cells that are a higher ratio of water than a less pumped up product.

The primary point was trying to make is that the organic produce is much
more expensive, indicating to me that it may sometimes be a less efficient
use of space and resources to grow organically.  Part of that cost is
increased labor, but in humid climates I think that synthetic chemicals can
up productivity in ways besides reducing the labor of weeding or thinning
fruit.  There is no question this is true of fruit.  If an organic grower
looses a substantial part of his peach crop to brown rot for example, he or
she has wasted a lot of resources for less sustaining food.

Last year, Rivka and I went back and forth on the issue of yealds per acre-
chemical versus organic, and it is a controversal subject with conflicting
data.  To me, however, bottom line is the much greater expense of organic
produce from small farms around here compared to small farms that use
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