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> On Jun 17, 2009, at 5:54 AM, Alan Haigh wrote:
>>  Rivka will probably argue this, but when I go to a farm market around
>> here and?compare organic to other stands, the offerings are relatively
>> poor and expensive in general, especially when it comes to fruit.?
>> Even the heads of lettuce tend to be smaller and much more expensive
>> than that offered by small farms that do use some synthetic chemicals.
>> ?
> I will most certainly argue this. I don't know about your markets,
> maybe your growers don't know what they're doing yet -- or possibly the
> organic growers have customers who prefer smaller lettuce, which is
> indeed considered better by a lot of people. I have seen absolutely
> gorgeous displays from organic growers at market.
> No time for more now, I have to go harvest (among other things,
> lettuce. It's gorgeous lettuce.)
> --Rivka
> Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly

We hosted an AFS exchange student from Germany some years ago.  She liked to 
laugh about our 'pretty' but tasteless fruits and vegetables.  She said we 
Americans buy produce with our eyes, but in Germany she and her mother 
bought with their tongues and noses.  I think that tells the whole tale. 
Often, ugly fruit tastes great.  Every try a giant beautiful picture perfect 
Red Delicious?  Organic produce can be pretty, but it is almost always 

Just a thought,

Tim Inman 

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