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SummerFest and FlavrBurst Join ARS Peach Variety Offerings

ARS News Service
Agricultural Research Service, USDA
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June 17, 2009
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Peach growers and consumers now have two new sweet, juicy, yellow-flesh  
peaches to add to their list of favorite varieties.

SummerFest and FlavrBurst were created by Agricultural Research Service  
(ARS) horticulturalist Ralph Scorza at the ARS Appalachian Fruit  
Research Station in Kearneysville, W.Va. They are the latest peach  
varieties released through cooperative research with Adams County  
Nursery, Inc., in Aspers, Pa.

Other notable varieties released through the partnership include  
Crimson Rocket and Sweet-N-UP. Both varieties are patented and  
available for licensing. Plant patents are pending for SummerFest and  

SummerFest is a high-quality freestone peach with an excellent balance  
of sweetness and acidity. Harvested in the middle of peach season  
(mid-August in the Mid-Atlantic states), SummerFest has good firmness,  
which is important for shipping. It is also the second upright-growing  
peach tree released by ARS and Adams County Nursery, Inc.

Upright tree forms are well-suited for high-density peach production  
systems. Planted eight feet apart in the row, upright peach trees are a  
more efficient use of land and resources and may lessen production  
costs. In turn, the savings may be passed down to the consumer.  
Gardeners may also prefer to grow upright peach trees in their yards.

FlavrBurst is another high-quality freestone peach that has a good  
amount of sweetness, but is lower in acidity than typical peach  
varieties. It may be more suitable for those who cannot tolerate acidic  
fruits, but still desire a “peachy” flavor. FlavrBurst is a  
standard-type tree, harvested mid-season and also has good firmness at  
harvest maturity.

Classified as dessert peaches, SummerFest and FlavrBurst are best eaten  
fresh, but can also be used in baking pies. The peaches grown on these  
trees can reach three inches in diameter, a nice size for the fruit.  
They can be grown in most areas where peaches are currently produced.

These new cultivars were made available this spring to commercial  
growers and university test sites for further evaluation. Consumers can  
expect to see these peaches in their local market in 2011.

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Department of Agriculture.
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