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Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Wed Jun 17 08:16:34 EDT 2009

On Jun 17, 2009, at 5:54 AM, Alan Haigh wrote:

>  Rivka will probably argue this, but when I go to a farm market around 
> here and compare organic to other stands, the offerings are relatively 
> poor and expensive in general, especially when it comes to fruit.  
> Even the heads of lettuce tend to be smaller and much more expensive 
> than that offered by small farms that do use some synthetic chemicals.

I will most certainly argue this. I don't know about your markets, 
maybe your growers don't know what they're doing yet -- or possibly the 
organic growers have customers who prefer smaller lettuce, which is 
indeed considered better by a lot of people. I have seen absolutely 
gorgeous displays from organic growers at market.

No time for more now, I have to go harvest (among other things, 
lettuce. It's gorgeous lettuce.)

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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