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Here on the cold edge of zone 7 I plant elephant garlic bulblets in a furrow about 3 inches deep and then cover with about 4 inches of what ever mulch I have in excess at the moment; leaf mulch, wood chips, pine needles.  My thinking is that the mulch retains moisture over the summer, since I plant them at the end of June.  Many start to come up by early Fall, but then go into dormancy during Jan-Feb, then grow fast in March-May, forming large single bulbs.
I plant these in September in individual holes made with a bulb planter, probably about 5 inches deep.  I then cover them with a few inches of mulch.

People who cook elephant garlic like they do "real" garlic often consider it too mild - I just slice it fresh and use in salads and salsas or put thin slices on meat sandwiches - no need to cook it.
The large single bulbs can be roasted in the oven and eaten as you would oven roasted potatoes or other root vegetables.

Jim Nottke

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>Thank you Ginda_ I plant the sort of garlic with a hard central
>flower-stalk in MA,
>zone 6.  I just scratch a hole in the soil and drop the bulb in, the
>top of the bulb is maybe 2" below the soil line.
>Important point: my understanding is that elephant garlic is planted
>deeper than soft neck or hard neck garlic.

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC

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