[NAFEX] Canadian hardy cherries/Honeyberries

Brady, Kathy BradyK at health.missouri.edu
Tue Jun 16 16:11:08 EDT 2009

If you have any extra cherry or honeyberry pits I would be interested in trying to propagate them as well..
Just let me know 
bradyk at health.missouri.edu


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Hi folks,

Both the U. os S. Cherries and all the Honeyberries/Haskaps I've tried are stunning!  I can't say that enough!

As for Cherry propagators, there is a list associated with the U of S website that you can find (I don't off hand know where as I just buy from the catalogues I have- sorry to rub that in!).  Prairie Plant Systems at www.prairieplant.com, www.jefferiesnurseries.com, and www.saskatoonfarm.com would be my top places to start looking for sources most likely to ship to the U.S.  DNA Gardens is indeed going/gone out of business.

It looks like I will have a good crop of cherries and honeyberries this year and I am willing to ship cherry pits/stones or seeds to interested parties.  The availability of cherries this year is somewhat based on whether the extreme drought we are still having breaks, if it doesn't I may have to remove fruit again.  If you are interested in seeds or pits, please contact me off list.  Both are very easy to grow from seed, but I can't give you any input on uniformity of the resulting plant yet.

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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