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On Jun 12, 2009, at 10:48 PM, Kieran &/or Donna wrote:

> I'm surprised and pleased to hear that there are places where IPM is  
> going strong.  Maybe the proper incentive would be to give some  
> simple definition to it for the consumer.  Say, no more than 2 non- 
> organic sprays per crop.  That would give wannabe organic farmers a  
> fallback position if they can't do it, and would simply mean that if  
> they have to spray more times than that with something not  
> organically certified, they couldn't market it as IPM.  Down here in  
> Tenn, I'm still trying to get through to the little guys with a few  
> cattle on grass that they should market them locally.  We apparently  
> have a strong beekeepers group, and we have some good market  
> gardeners at the local farmer's mkt, but I can't see much else  
> happening here.  Meanwhile we are going backward in terms of losing  
> locally adapted fruits and veggies.  On a happier front, I picked a  
> few pears today that I'm going to try to ID, probably the KY var  
> "Early Harvest".  An apt name, but are they really fit to eat?  I'll  
> know in the next 2 weeks.    Donna

I am also in the Northeast, and I frequent lots of PYO orchards.  As  
far as I can tell, they are all IPM, all the orchardists monitor their  
pests and disease pressure closely to avoid unnecessary sprays, etc.   
It's hard to market IPM, as it's a philosophy rather than a set of  
fixed rules.  I think they do it more because it saves money and labor  
than for any marketing advantage.


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