[NAFEX] My experience with Elephant Garlic

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Good info from Lon.
I live just an hour west of you and I have grown elephant garlic for about 12 years.  I harvest mine in late June - probably because I am a half zone cooler than you.  
I gather every one of the little bulblets as I dig the crop, and then immediately replant them and cover with mulch.  In a damp year, most of them come up and result in very large single bulbs the next year, some are over 2 inches across.  The smaller of these single bulbs I use in cooking - they do not cure and keep as well as the conventional cloves.  The largest single bulbs I replant and they give the largest standard type cloves the next year.  
Last year I planted mostly large single bulbs and only a few of the large cloves.  Will dig the crop in a week or two and learn how it did.
Lon is right, I had a friend who ate the largest and planted the smallest, and in a few years was complaining about how small his garlic had become.
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>I am asking here, because I cannot find information elsewhere.
>I just harvested my elephant garlic yesterday. Each bulb had a tiny
>'cloves' at many of the roots.  They were separate from the main bulb
>and very small.
>Can I use these to propagate more elephant garlic, or are they best used
>for cooking?
>Thanks for any information, this is my third year growing this garlic
>and the first time I had noticed this phenomenon.
>Betsy Hilborn
>7a NC

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC

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