[NAFEX] Chipmunks!

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Mon Jun 15 17:28:17 EDT 2009

I have too many chipmunks.  I noticed a chipmunk in my apricot tree,  
chased it away, and found a pile of apricot pits on the ground, under  
the tree.  The apricots are still hard and green.  They eat pretty  
much everything else in my garden, too.

Has anyone tried killing chipmunks with rat traps?  I'm afraid of what  
else I might kill, and don't want to break the cat's paw, so I might  
start by putting traps only in the blueberry enclosure.  I don't cover  
the top until the berries are close to ripe, put nothing much gets in  
there but chipmunks and birds, and I hope the birds wouldn't trigger a  
rat trap.

I'm thinking of the sort of trap that looks like an oversized spring- 
loaded mouse trap.

Any advice for bait or cautionary warnings?


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