[NAFEX] Canadian hardy cherries

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I'd be an interested party if you were doing this. Those of us in the colder parts of the US can only gaze longingly over the border at those cold-hardy plants up there, and grumble about all the great new varieties available in the US that seem to be mostly bred for California. I bet there'd be interest in those prairie cherries, and those new haskaps. I'm not sure if they'll be adapted here, but I figure it's worth trying. Someone up there knows how to write a very appealing press release.


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A while back there was some discussion about a cherry breeding program from University of Sasketchewan.  Someone I work with has the necessary permits to get plant materials from Canada into the US.  I have no experience in these things & am wondering if that is all that is needed or if there is a lot more involved to bringing these cherries into the US?  We were trying to think of a way to bring a bunch in & redistribute to interested parties...


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