[NAFEX] No apples this year

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Mon Jun 15 09:33:20 EDT 2009

> Something went BAD WRONG.................
> Most of my apple trees have dropped their fruiting stems / future apples !

Sorry to hear that, Murph. And it's particularly scary for me, because 
I've got so many different kinds of fruit trees crowded together that 
it's hard to avoid drift when I'm spraying (and there are very few 
pesticides or fungicides rated for everything, it seems).

I've got some permethrin (Bonide Borer-Miner Killer), but I don't 
believe I've actually used it. Well, I have such a hard time finding 
pesticides I can use, I tend to collect as big a variety as possible. 
Yes, I see that it shouldn't be used on apples "after petal fall" (but 
you certainly wouldn't use it during bloom, would you?). But oddly 
enough, it's rated for pears in the summer.

Not for apricots or plums, though, so it would be very hard for me to 
spray this on *anything* without getting it on apples, plums, apricots, 
or pluots.

Anyway, thanks for the warning! I'm sorry to hear about your experience, 
but you might have saved some of the rest of us from making that mistake.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

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