[NAFEX] Bill's thoughful commentary

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Sun Jun 14 23:57:54 EDT 2009

Bill writes:

Very interesting. But aren't you missing something? These things would 
happen anyway. At least, I assume that you're not buying a newspaper 
only to use as mulch? And your neighbors are going to do what they do, 
whether you use the leaves or not. These really ARE free inputs, unless 
you're driving to the neighbors to pick up the leaves.

My reply:

You must not have a liberal tree hugging BBQ circuit in your area.  The SouthPark episode on smug illustrates it well - LOL!

Essentially to join this clique you must berate everyone who is not as concerned as you with the environment and claim that if only everyone did as you did global warming would be solved, famine would be eliminate, your breath would be mintier and the grass hoppers would chirp Kumbaya; of course this proposition ignores the fact that it is unsustainable.  In my area, a city of 160K the free wood chips are gone in in March...and to the best of my knowledge there are only 125 or so serious gardeners in the area, and only 18 that I am aware of have gardens large enough you can can something off of.

My point is if everyone attempted to garden as they or I do there would simply not be enough resources available.  Now that does not concern me, what concerns me is the attitude and the divorcement from reality. 

Understand my example was only my strawberry beds.  The truth is I use around 90 bags of chopped leaves a year plus all the compost I manufacture myself, and I burn weeds to salvage what I can from them.  Not mention the amount of wood I scavenge to burn. 


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