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>    I have read somewhere, that fruit trees can benefit from the 
> electromagnetic field underneath the power line and produce more fruit. 
There is one unexplained possible example of fruit trees performing better 
under high voltage cross county power transmission lines. The Claypool 
persimmon research orchard near St. Elmo, IL has one end directly under such a 
line. Under the line is about 120 virginiana persimmon trees whereas the 
remainder of the orchard is about 2,000 trees.  The trees under that line perform 
better in both vigor and fruit bearing. Of course the two characteristics 
tend to go hand in hand. 

There is one other possible explanation. About 1/3 of the orchard gently 
slopes to the end under the transmission line. So is it the electromagnetic 
fields radiating the trees or ground water draining that direction providing 
more moisture and nourishment?  

Next to the orchard is a field alternately planted in soybeans and corn. 
I've never been able to see an increase in height under the lines. I don't 
have access to harvest records therefore have no idea about production increase 
or decrease under the lines. 

The trees at the end under the lines do perform better. You decide, lay of 
the land or power transmission line, or just happen to have better genetics?


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