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Pepino are very variable from seed, some a quite bitter but the New
Zealanders have developed some superb varieties in recent years.
I would describe a good pepino variety as having a taste which is
slightly blander than cantaloupe with an after taste that is very
similar to cucumber.  While they flower quite early they take an awfully
long time the ripen and its difficult to tell when they are ripe.  I am
still unsure when the pick them at their best.  But I usually do it long
after the stripes appear and when the ground colour starts to change,
this is usually mid-late Autumn.

I take cuttings of them as insurance over winter.  But mature plants
usually survive (barely!) in a protected spot overwinter (down to about

Yes I love Feijoas too, wonderful taste and fragrance while being an
incredibly tough, drought tolerant, no fuss plant.    We've averaged
about 24inch a year for the last five years and they don't even look
stressed, although the crops have been very light. The flower petals are
lovely in a green salad also. They are evergreen here, down to 15F, so I
reckon they could go much colder.

Stephen wrote: 
I may just never have had a good pepino. I've found it a bland filler in
a fruit salad, very mild.  The word 'compelling' makes me want to grow
some and see how home-grown turn out.
I have grown feijoas,  They can be really delicious, with a
pineapple/guava flavor or strawberry/guava.  The flowers are also
edible.  They make a great smoothie.  Home grown were better than
store-bought.  They do need to be handled 
differently than other fruits, as the peeled (scooped-out, rather) flesh
turns brown easily.  They can be dipped in an acidic solution before
freezing to help keep their color.
As far as growing, don't really have tips. Ours took forever to bear,
but there are varieties much quicker to bear.  We did nothing special
other than wait for them.  Plants were always healthy, zero insect or
disease problems.

~ Stephen

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