[NAFEX] realism when looking at inputs

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sun Jun 14 19:37:07 EDT 2009

> Anyways that is what I meant by assessing the inputs.  Sure there are benign practices, but the reality is unless you live way out there, where you can borrow from nature to get the inputs you need to sustain your high intensity gardening and eco-friendly practices, my guess is you are really just fooling your self rather than having to cope with cognitive dissonance.

Very interesting. But aren't you missing something? These things would 
happen anyway. At least, I assume that you're not buying a newspaper 
only to use as mulch? And your neighbors are going to do what they do, 
whether you use the leaves or not. These really ARE free inputs, unless 
you're driving to the neighbors to pick up the leaves.

Wood chips are similar, if not quite so benign. The city doesn't have 
tree crews just so they can create wood chips. Instead, the chip are 
probably just a way to get rid of the brush which they'd be cutting 
anyway. OK, if you use your Hummer to drive 20 miles to the site and 
pick up one bucket of chips at a time, it's probably not environmentally 
friendly. But ordinarily, it's not that bad, either.

It seems to me that you're using "very narrow and... biased" thinking 
here, yourself. At least, I don't see why begging leaves from the 
neighbors to use as mulch isn't about as benign as it gets. But maybe 
they fertilize their lawns only so you'll have plenty of leaves?


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