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Sat Jun 13 22:35:42 EDT 2009

Posting this in case it has any value to anyone.

As an FYI, some time ago, on one of my many travel adventures I came across a nice organic booth at a farmers market and chatted it up a bit with the owner.  He told me he was part of organic cooperative that hit upon a simple solution to some of the complexities of organic intensive truck farming.  

Essentially what they did was each farm only grew a portion of what each farm sold, and they got the rest from the co-operative so each could offer their customers a full range of crops.  However the real reason for this interesting.  By only growing a small number of crops on their land parcels each year the growers were able to practice full crop rotation on their land and since the farms were geographically apart they felt pest pressures did not build up as the same crop was never in the same area any two years in a row.  More interesting was it also allowed them to fallow their farms every few years in a rotation.  That year the fallow grower would assist the others and administer the co operative while still getting his goods from the co operative to sell.  Apparently this allowed someone to go out and visit other growers and get some family vacation time in also which he said was of great benefit.   


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