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   It was not intended to be a debate or argument. "Different strokes for different folks" or "more than one way to skin a cat" was the common ground. We can make gardening simple or complex, depending on the individual. Organic can be made complex, and non-organic can be made complex also. 
     Good luck at the market!  I used to that about 10 years ago.

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>  like I said prior, some folks believe in science and chemicals and grow vegetables and some folks believe in organics and little science and grow vegetables.

And some of us believe in science and organics and grow vegetables; and I'm sure some believe in "chemicals" and little science and grow vegetables. Some of us even grow some fruit; including, undoubtedly, some in all four of those categories.

There is plenty of science involved in organic. I am way too tired after market to go hunting up cites right now. Bring this argument back up next winter, if you really want to get me involved in it (and if anyone on this list can stand to have it go around again).

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