[NAFEX] A melon for all ya up north

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Well why looking through old Pomonas for Donna I did determine that Melons are a NAFEX approved topic as at least one discussion was printed  in Pomona in April of 1981.

In an article entitle “A Melon For Northern Gardeners” David Imes who lived about a quarter mile form the Canadian Border in Minn experimented with growing 30 varieties of melons, direct seeded outdoors.  He found one winner, a melon known as Early Dawn.  So for colder climate growers it looks like you have a melon with potential to run some trails with in the future.  


Lil ol' me


David Imes “A Melon For Norther Gardeners”, Pomona, The North American Fruit Explorers Quarterly,  Vol. XIV No. 2, April 1981, p. 89.

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