[NAFEX] Honeyberry sweetness (sourness)

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Sat Jun 13 11:37:13 EDT 2009

    I have read posts where folks say that if our honeyberries are sour that 
we are picking them too soon and they sweeten with time.  I tried that.  If 
I don't pick them when they are sour, they fall off and they are still sour.
    To answer the sand vs. clay argument, my honeyberries are growing in 
sandy loam, 5% organic matter - 95% sand.
    Plant pathologists claim that sour fruit indicates a copper deficiency. 
My soil is not copper deficient but is it possible that honeyberries need 
more than most plants?
    Are your honeyberries sour or sweet and do you know why?

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