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    Is that the little pear--about the size of a large greenfig that you can eat "guts, feathers and all"--that I saw in Louisiana in the late 1980's? It ripened about the last week of May there. O never did get a start of it. Is it much good?
                      Richard Harrison

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I'm surprised and pleased to hear that there are places where IPM is going strong.  Maybe the proper incentive would be to give some simple definition to it for the consumer.  Say, no more than 2 non-organic sprays per crop.  That would give wannabe organic farmers a fallback position if they can't do it, and would simply mean that if they have to spray more times than that with something not organically certified, they couldn't market it as IPM.  Down here in Tenn, I'm still trying to get through to the little guys with a few cattle on grass that they should market them locally.  We apparently have a strong beekeepers group, and we have some good market gardeners at the local farmer's mkt, but I can't see much else happening here.  Meanwhile we are going backward in terms of losing locally adapted fruits and veggies.  On a happier front, I picked a few pears today that I'm going to try to ID, probably the KY var "Early Harvest".  An apt name,
 but are they really fit to eat?  I'll know in the next 2 weeks.    Donna 
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