[NAFEX] organic people are?"unscientific".?

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Sat Jun 13 01:50:37 EDT 2009

It was posed:

Someone, I think it was Fluffy or maybe Alan who said organic people 

My reply:

It was not I.  I have seen some sickeningly scientific organic growers - and they know their stuff and their cash register go "ring, ring".  And here is paradox, organic hydroponic growers; they are hardly unscientific.  Personally I like the art side of it (probably not the wisest move if you actually need a cash crop), running on instincts, memories, superstition, planting under the moon, counting speckled newts, and the joy of convincing a nubile wench that your crops will only grow on ground consecrated by and act of physical intimacy; trust me it is a lot more fun than taking a soil sample into an AG lab.  Ah to be young again...

My only comment on organic growers is I just wish more would open up their eyes to what they are really doing and accurately assess the inputs and outputs.  Sometimes things are not as we think they are.  Then again sometimes they are better.  I think one of my favorite books is Plowman's Folly...and some of the bio-dynamic stuff is interesting.  Trust me you can do far worse then being out under the full moon with you wife planting some beans on a spring evening, a nice beverage, a good hard cheese, some dried fruit from the previous fall, a blanket, a few stars and once the beans are planted you hold hands and look up at the stars - not bad at all, and if the beans come up so much the better.  


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