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Sat Jun 13 01:31:25 EDT 2009

It was written:

Personally, I look at food like the scripture says, " every 
creature(referring to meat here---or food) of God is good, and nothing 
to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving. For it is sanctified 
by the word of God and prayer."? I try to pray over everything that I 
eat. I don't know(for sure) what's in the food that I eat(and literally 
noone does). But I know faith always works.

My reply:

There is an older man who has a farm stand where he grows everything he sells located in Charlotte NC.  He grows under the electrical power line because the land is cheap.   What is interesting is he claims he grows according to the bible and it is his gardening guide.  He works the plot with his son.  Walking around with him is a delight as he quotes scripture and works the land.  The man is happy in what he does, and he does it very well.

I hope to interview him next time I make a trip there.  I spent a few hours with him maybe 10 year ago and was fascinated by his irrigation methods etc.  It took me several days to recall where he was actually located.  Rozzelles Ferry Rd and Norwood for those interested.  Not exactly a neighborhood for most Nafex folks, from what I have seen, but it is safe enough for we fluffy bunny types.  



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