[NAFEX] no summer for the North?

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My husband came across this on some weird website, but Joe Bastardi is a real meterologist.  I always like to hedge my bets, to grow some veggies that like wet weather and some that like it dry.  That way I get something to complain about no matter what, as my DH says.  We've been watching all this weirdness with the sunspots anyway.  Looking back, we've had two very low lows and two very high highs, with the last high producing overwhelming sunspot activity.  Meanwhile researchers looking at the currents inside the sun said they'd never seen so little activity and predicted lower activity in the sun for the next 20 years or so.  So while you northerners are planting melons, you might plant a few more Brussels sprouts. If we could just predict the weather, we'd always be growing the right thing for the right year, spraying at the right time...     Donna 

The almost total lack of solar activity means that things are getting cooler here on earth, and weather expert Joe Bastardi is predicting "a year without a summer" for the Northern Plains and the US Northeast.
This is because the jet stream has remained unusually far south this spring. This is causing lower temperatures and fewer thunderstorms north of the stream, and means, that if it does not move north, areas now north of the stream will have fewer thunderstorms and also a very mild summer.
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