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You wrote:

What I meant was the 1800's, particularly 1850's to 1900.  It's pretty sad to read about all the terrific pears that they were growing in the South and the growers talking about the pear blight and what varieties they were losing.  They didn't know where it came from or what the future was going to be like. 

My reply:

Probably one of the most thoughtful, heart felt, gracious articles I have ever read was that of Nafexer Brook D. Drains who apparently dedicated his life to finding blight resistant pears.  

Check out: 

Brooks D. Drain “Tennessee Bred Fire Blight Resistant Pears”, The North American Pomona, Quarterly Journal of The North American Fruit Explorers, Vol. IV No. 4, Oct 1971, pp. 126-129. 

But be prepared for an unintentional tear jerker.  He was a far better man than I shall ever be.

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Oh my, apparently you have written me and your e-mails have been trapped in my spam filter.  My apologies, I shall have to set aside some time to reply back to your thoughtful comments.   

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