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Bob Kelly bkelly66 at bellsouth.net
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Of course most clays would have more available silicate than silica sand, 
depending on the pH, I guess.  I'm thinking it has to be mostly the drainage 

Bob Kelly

Subject: Re: [NAFEX] melons

> cant see where sand plays a part in helping a melon build cell 
> walls.....most sand is pretty inert and plants are unable to pick up 
> anything from it.....last year when my did so well with melons they were 
> in soil with nearly no sand in it....they were in mostly clay with a 
> little bit of humus.....if there is some trace mineral in sand that the 
> melons are using it is likely not in universal amounts in the various 
> types of sand across the US or the world so it makes little seance to 
> recommend sand in that respect cause the sand i have access to may not 
> have the trace elements yours does......when ppl tell me melons like sandy 
> soil i read into that to mean they like good drainage....so i planted mine 
> on the hill top....and they did fine in near pure clay....
> had a discussion similar to this earlier this week about clay in respect 
> to growing Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants, some growers in Singapore 
> were using a type of fired clay for growing neps...and the discussion was 
> is that  really helpful to the rest of us as there are 30 types of pure 
> clays and natural clays are made up of any combination of those 30 pure 
> types plus could contain other minerals such as iron oxide.....so when im 
> discussing clay im likely talking about a very different soil than someone 
> say in Georgia or Singapore as far as the makeup of it...my clay might be 
> high in a mineral such as zinc which is toxic to Nepenthes in much 
> quantity where the gal in Singapores clay may have none...
> Sheridan S.
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