[NAFEX] melons

Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 11 16:49:27 EDT 2009

cant see where sand plays a part in helping a melon build cell walls.....most sand is pretty inert and plants are unable to pick up anything from it.....last year when my did so well with melons they were in soil with nearly no sand in it....they were in mostly clay with a little bit of humus.....if there is some trace mineral in sand that the melons are using it is likely not in universal amounts in the various types of sand across the US or the world so it makes little seance to recommend sand in that respect cause the sand i have access to may not have the trace elements yours does......when ppl tell me melons like sandy soil i read into that to mean they like good drainage....so i planted mine on the hill top....and they did fine in near pure clay....

had a discussion similar to this earlier this week about clay in respect to growing Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants, some growers in Singapore were using a type of fired clay for growing neps...and the discussion was is that  really helpful to the rest of us as there are 30 types of pure clays and natural clays are made up of any combination of those 30 pure types plus could contain other minerals such as iron oxide.....so when im discussing clay im likely talking about a very different soil than someone say in Georgia or Singapore as far as the makeup of it...my clay might be high in a mineral such as zinc which is toxic to Nepenthes in much quantity where the gal in Singapores clay may have none...

Sheridan S.


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