[NAFEX] cherries

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 11 10:48:06 EDT 2009

Earnest,  The leaves on the own root Evans that Lucky sent me are smallish 
and feel thicker than other cherry leaves.  They have a shiny surface that 
almost reminds me of smooth flexible plastic.  My fingers sort of stick when 
I slide them along the leaf surface.  By contrast, mazzard has a much larger 
longer leaf, thin, dry and leaf-like in feel.  Also sweet cherries typically 
have 9-11 pairs of veins per leaf, sour cherries 7-9.  All of this is a moot 
point if your trees were on the typical Maheleb rootstock.  Seems like sour 
cherries are supposed to do ok on it but sweet cherries are definitely 
shorter lived.  I spent years trying to ID various trees in town, so I have 
this stuff memorized.
    Definitely earth up your trees if you want to put the Evans on it's own 
roots.  Might not want to do it all at once.  Also you might want to do 
something sneaky like find a peice of root and graft directly onto the root 
and plant that with the graft underground.  Or if you can get some pits, 
grow them and graft or summer bud onto the seedlings.  Surely someone could 
spare him your Evans pits?  The two trees I got from Lucky have done no 
better here in the heat than they have for him.  but at least I have had the 
chance to see how very different a Morello cherry leaf is from an amarelle. 
Still haven't encountered a maheleb that I know of.   The nursery practice 
of putting sweet cherries onto maheleb is the reason sweet cherries are said 
to be picky about soil and are short lived.  Mine on their own roots have 
done very well on heavy clay, but alas they get frosted where they are. 
They are clones of a tree that crops annually in a better spot some 15 miles 
away.   Hope this info helps.  You deserve to be able to grow SOME kind of 
fruit up there.    Donna 

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