[NAFEX] Warning, Mushroom compost!

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 11 10:33:23 EDT 2009

    Nothing to do with weeds, but we used to live near Loudon  and it helps a whole lot to know someone who knows someone if you are going to the Monterey facility to get compost.  Some years it's great, some years it will kill your garden.  A friend of a friend said one year that they'd been having trouble with a contaminating mushroom, and they'd salted the affected area and "capped it".  That salt winds up in the compost and in a dry year (a 4 year drought like we've just had, but in the 1980's) it simply kills everything you plant.  I met people it happened to, but by that time we had all the goat manure we needed and didn't buy the compost anymore.  If there's no salt in it, the stuff is terrific.    Donna 
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