[NAFEX] Lori: Of meons and dreams

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Thu Jun 11 00:28:22 EDT 2009

Lori:  The first melon experiment I did many years ago (one of the few times I grew melons) was with water.  Specifically I used black plastic as a water shield and manually watered the melons with one of those hose adapters you use for root feeding trees (if you have a cheap water supply I highly recommend this for darn near everything, up here water costs a great deal and watering my 25 x 40 garden area can run $75 a month).  

Anyways the same melons a few yards from each other planted at the same time and given different amounts of water indicated that the more water you give them the more diluted the taste.  

The literature I am reading supports this.  Once they set fruit cut back the watering, and severely cut it back about 3 weeks from probable harvest.

However take all the above with a grain of slat.  My test was on 12 watermelon plant specimens, applying four different water treatments to 3 melon plants each.  Not exactly a large sample.

And as I indicated, I really have no clue what I am doing.  This year I have my melons seedlings up, and I am debating what experiments to try.  I think I will succession plant Minnesota midget and try the full sun vs 1/2 day sun against a brick wall to try and determine if heat is the more important factor or sunlight.  

I vote heat.  We shall see.


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