[NAFEX] Dead Peaches, and does anyone know anything about a "Ouishi Nakate" plum?

eric plumhillfarm at gmavt.net
Tue Jun 9 20:07:29 EDT 2009

We also live in Vermont (Zone 4, close to 5) and we loose peach trees
regularly, while the others live on and do well. It could very well be the
soil health (they do not like wet feet) or lack of nutriention ). We lost 3
this year, 2 intrepids and 1 Wisconsin Balmer (all three were on St Julian
Rootstock) , but we still have 2 intrepids, 6 Balmers, 1 Ranger, 1 Hardired,
1 Georgia Belle, 4 Polly's, and numerious reliance seedlings which made it
with no problems (few flowers though, it got to 21 below last winter). We
plant peaches every year to make up for the losses, last years harvest was
tremendous (broken branch type) so it might have weakened some of them. So
don't give up just because you lost a few trees.
On another note, I ordered some budwoood from Grin and mistakenly ordered
"Ouishi Nakate" japanse plum. Does anyone know about this variety?
THanks, Eric
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