[NAFEX] melons

Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 18:02:16 EDT 2009

ive got about 1 seasons experience personally with melons and a few years of watching my dad try and grow them....im in zone 3 or 4 up in northeast Montana and my major problems is my growing season is usually of unknown length and what kind of weather im going to have....normally our summers are hot and dry with minimal humidity and if i get 120 days of continuous good weather for growing im a very happy camper though it usually doesnt happen as it turns cool and starts to do light frosts at between 90 and 110 days...

last year for the first time i put in some melons, Ambrosia from Territorial Seed Company.....i think the 3 hills took up about 4 x8 foot worth of vines but there werent a ton of vines and i wound up with about a dozen small-medium melons that were absolutely outstanding....slicing one open in the kitchen would make the entire main floor smell like melons....granted the sucked up alot of water but i was happy with it...especially after watching my dad fail at growing them every year...i didnt get much of any seeds bought this year which may have been a good thing cause it appears we may have a short growing season.....around here melons are something yah plant every year and every once in awhile yah have a good crop.....i happened to have thrown some in the ground on a good year for melons..

Sheridan S.


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