[NAFEX] Researching Agricultural History

John Henderson jhenderson at ithaca.edu
Tue Jun 9 16:52:45 EDT 2009

You can find a wealth of information from the old reports and  
bulletins of the state agricultural experiment stations and  
horticultural commissions. Many of them are available online through  
Google Books: http://books.google.com/ . When you limit your search  
to the "full view only" sources, you commonly get the materials that  
are no longer protected by copyright, so that should include  
materials that are a century old. I've found quite a lot from New  
York State. I haven't tried California.

Try some different combinations of terms such as:
	fruit apples grapes [other fruits you are interested in]
	san francisco california
	experiment station bulletin

John Henderson
Sage Hen Farm
Lodi, NY

From: Spidra Webster <spidra at speakeasy.net>
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Subject: [NAFEX] Researching Agricultural History

Once upon a time the SF Bay Area grew loads & loads of fruit. I'm  
interested in finding out what varieties used to be grown here but I  
really don't know how to go about such research.  I assume such  
records aren't just laying around at the public library. Should I be  
trying to see if there are any century-old nurseries around that  
still have records? Should I be talking to folks at UC Davis and  
other ag departments?  I'm not even sure I have the time to do  
obscure research like this but I think it would be really interesting  
to find out. I

Megan Lynch

Berkeley, CA

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