[NAFEX] Dead peaches???

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Mon Jun 8 09:50:59 EDT 2009

Toni Pralle wrote, "I spend all that time and water on them for years and 
then they die without ever giving me a piece of fruit. How on earth do you 
people who have orchards do it?"

    Some of we people who have orchards take the time and expense to have 
our soil tested and fertilize as recommended.  Orchards that are stressed 
from a lack of nutrition can't be expected to live long.
    Here in North Central Minnesota, I take several soil tests every year 
for my one-acre orchard and the only plants I lose are those that are 
intended for a warmer climate after being subjected to one of my severe 
    Soil tests don't cost!  They pay!  Visitors to my orchard are just 
flabbergasted at the amount of fruit this acre produces.  Mulching 
everything with pine needles and having drip irrigation helps too.

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