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The best time for dividing is usually spring and fall. however, since they are already out of the ground, you might as well do it when you're ready to replant. This is a "rule of thumb" and may not apply to peonies. I haven't seen them since i was a child in Iowa, so they really don't enter my sphere of concern. I'm sure others on the list can give you first-hand experience.

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Do to some construction, we had to dig up 3 beautiful peony plants. 
They have hardly wilted, despite being out of the ground for 2 weeks due to
having lots of soil on the roots.  Now I am ready to re-plant them and I'd
like to split the clumps as they are quite large and because I can have twice as
many plants.  I remember my folks just splitting peonies by jabbing a
shovel thro the middle of the root clump and ending up with two clumps. 
Can I do this in the middle of June, with clumps covered with soil?  Or
should I leave them as one clump and just replant them as a whole?  jerry
in southern Indiana

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