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Toni, not all fungi are black. I'm not saying what you have on your elderberries is fungus, but it might be. In my experience, there's not much that will harm elderberries. Maybe because they spread so fast I never noticed any disease. One volunteer can be several hundred next year if you're not careful. In any case, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it bothers you, then spray it (I like a 10% skim milk solution for fungus.)

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>Contender -  Reliance - Intrepid  all croaked last winter. Stiff. Crisp. Dry. DEAD.
Kind of expected this, had to prove it.
2 Varieties put in this year will conclude my hardiness eval of peaches in Z4. Veteran and PF 24C>
Yup. Here, too. The one I was hoping to save is a goner. The whole inside appeared dead but there was green under the bark. Ditto for one pear and one nectarine. And to top it all off, my volunteer elderberry has some globs of orange speckles growing on it. If the speckles were black, I would think mold but this is orange. I took some pictures but they're still in the camera. 
I spend all that time and water on them for years and then they die without ever giving me a piece of fruit. How on earth do you people who have orchards do it?
Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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