[NAFEX] pear pollinators

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 06:10:39 EDT 2009

I've always read that pears are not attractive because their pollen is not
very nourishing but at my site in southeastern NY the smaller, fly-like
flower foragers love my pear blossoms and are all over them, at least this
year- I really should start taking notes to compensate for this declining

The one fruit I fail to get good pollination for is my Rosanna kiwi, which
flowers slightly earlier than my males and other females to begin with but I
saw no bee activity around the fragrant flowers this year and expect the
usual almost total drop of unpollinated fruit.  I need to find a male that
blooms at the same time because when this kiwi has been well pollinated it
bears amazingly well and provides the best kiwis I've tasted.  It definitely
has much more profuse blossoms than any other variety I've grown.

As far as those hard spots on pears, I get hard spots that can deform pears
completely from stink bugs.  I have tarnished plant bug here but they damage
my peaches only.  The stink bugs are particularly attracted to Seckel pears
and do most of their damage later in the season when I've stopped my
insecticide sprays.  But these are not single spots, the pears are bumpy all
over and useless for eating.  Half my Seckel pears are often destroyed this
way.  Most other sites where I see this problem the damage isn't so bad.

It is a great pear year in southern NY as well.  All the earlier flowering
fruit such as Jap plums, Asian and Euro pears set very well- the apples are
a little spotty and cherries and Euro plums are thin.
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