[NAFEX] Ure pear

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Sun Jun 7 00:11:21 EDT 2009

Ernest Plutko wrote:
> There are some small hornet-looking insects going around the apple
> blossoms and even smaller flies.  No insects on pear blossoms except
> a few black ants.  Read that pear blossoms are not very attractive to
> bugs.  How cold does it get where you are?  What kind of pears to you
> have?  Thanks.    Zone 2/3

I notice lots of insects on the plum blossoms (bees, flower flies, even 
wasps), mostly just bees and a few flies on the apples, and rarely 
anything on the pear flowers. Still, the pears seem to get pollinated 
when I'm not looking.

We are on the maps as zone 4a but most years, we have a few nights 
colder than -30 F and a couple of times my min/max thermometer has gone 
to -40.

My two producing pears are Nova and Parker. My original Nova died but 
before it did, I grafted a scion onto a mountain ash. That grafted tree 
is about as tall as my house even though I try to prune it back every 
The Nova used to set a good number of fruits when it was the only pear 
with flowers. It does better now with the Parker blooming too. One year 
the Nova had very few flowers and the Parker set no fruit in spite of 
many flowers.

I also grafted side branches of these two trees with scions of Parker, 
Summer Crisp, and Ubileen (I think I spelled that right) two years ago. 
They look good but no flowers yet.

Steve in the Adirondacks

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