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You should be able to grow fruit I can't.  Figs?   What do you grow.

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>I can't speak from experience, but my research indicates that mazzard
>cherries are highly variable in size and quality. Some very good ones
>exist that have large fruit and small pits, while others are bitter
>or astringent. Mostly I'm concentrating on cherries that are good to
>zone 10-11 because I don't have the chilling down here to allow me to
>grow the standard varieties of prunus. There seem to be some good
>ones out there, but the myrobalan plum seems to be the only plum that
>even stands a chance here. I guess I'll have to pony up and give it a
>You could always try getting the Evans to root themselves by burying
>the graft. Seems that was a popular topic a while back on the list.
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>Subject: [NAFEX] cherries
>I went down to my woodland and looked at two Evans cherry I planted a
>few years ago.  One has flowers and flower buds.  First I ever had. 
>The second tree died to the ground but has two suckers coming up from
>the ground next to dead trunk.  I don't know if the suckers are Evans
>or Mazzard cherry.  They have cherry leaves.    Anyone have Mazzard
>cherry trees?   Supposedly they are zone 3.  How do the cherries
>taste?  Recently I sent for two Evans grown on own roots but received
>grafted trees.
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