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I can't speak from experience, but my research indicates that mazzard cherries are highly variable in size and quality. Some very good ones exist that have large fruit and small pits, while others are bitter or astringent. Mostly I'm concentrating on cherries that are good to zone 10-11 because I don't have the chilling down here to allow me to grow the standard varieties of prunus. There seem to be some good ones out there, but the myrobalan plum seems to be the only plum that even stands a chance here. I guess I'll have to pony up and give it a try.
You could always try getting the Evans to root themselves by burying the graft. Seems that was a popular topic a while back on the list.

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I went down to my woodland and looked at two Evans cherry I planted a
few years ago.  One has flowers and flower buds.  First I ever had. 
The second tree died to the ground but has two suckers coming up from
the ground next to dead trunk.  I don't know if the suckers are Evans
or Mazzard cherry.  They have cherry leaves.    Anyone have Mazzard
cherry trees?   Supposedly they are zone 3.  How do the cherries
taste?  Recently I sent for two Evans grown on own roots but received
grafted trees.

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