[NAFEX] global warming........an observation that has nothingto do with science....

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He's dead now. 

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Oh why,,, why did you have to make it this easy.  I tried to be good really, really I did.  But like a child drawn to the candy dish I could simply not resist the allure.

It was thus stated:

With apologies to those of you who fail to take global warming 
seriously, the fact is it has a lot of us scared witless. 

My comment:

Actually it is rather a chicken and egg question.  Did the thought of global warming cause you to become witless or is it because you are witless that you believe in man-made global warming?  

Curious minds wish to know.


P.S.  I struggled with the devil and lost.  
You simply made it too easy...as penance I shall endeavor to follow this with a useful post that is very green and PC....yep I can hear the sound of blue birds chirping already as I attempt to create universal harmony by balancing out this yang posting with something more yin - praise be to David Carradine

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