[NAFEX] Pruning Apricots

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sat Jun 6 10:27:39 EDT 2009

> If the sap flows the trees will grow new branches and spurs and your trees will be fine.

Great! That's good to hear. Thanks much!

> If my cherry trees and your apricot trees both did this due to winter killed buds, I hope last winter was unusually cold for your location. If so, maybe it will not happen again.

No, it wasn't unusually cold here last winter. (It HAS been very dry, so 
that might have been a contributing factor.) But in my case, I think it 
was the normal circumstance of apricots just blooming too early here. 
The tree had started blooming when the temperature dropped to 23° one 
night. That killed the blossoms and the unopened flower buds, and I can 
only assume that it killed most of the leaf buds, too.

Here in Nebraska, we often get very warm spring weather - sometimes for 
weeks - followed by an arctic front that swoops down with a hard freeze. 
Well, it's not really a good place to grow apricots. So far, my attempts 
to delay them (I've got the Goldcot and also a two-year old Hardy 
Chinese - Mormon? Chinese Golden?) from breaking dormancy haven't worked 
too well. But I expected that when I planted them.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

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