[NAFEX] My problem with global warming discussion

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Sat Jun 6 09:54:25 EDT 2009

> If this were a debate between climatologists, meteorologists and 
> others in related fields it might be interesting to me but this all 
> seems like a rehashing of arguments I've heard before- in fact right here-

I agree completely. What's the point, except to - possibly - harm a 
great fruit-growing list? I'm a layman, so I can't judge the scientific 
validity of these arguments, anyway. I must simply expect that the 
majority of climatologists know a LOT more about it than I do. They 
might indeed be wrong, but they're much more likely to be correct in 
their areas of specialty than my gut feelings.

We all have opinions, and I certainly don't mind people stating a 
position. To some extent, I do, myself, in my random "fortune cookie" 
signatures. BUT I don't see any value at all in debating off-topic 
subjects here. It might cause a great deal of harm, and I can't imagine 
that it would do any good.

Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

They are in you and me; they created us, body and mind; and their 
preservation is the ultimate rational for our existence. They have come 
a long way, those replicators. Now they go by the name of genes, and we 
are their survival machines. - Richard Dawkins

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