[NAFEX] My problem with global warming discussion

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 05:56:24 EDT 2009

My first foray at being a trouble maker on this list was to assert that the
organic agriculture and gardening movement was at its core anti-science and
dogmatic in its tenets.  You know, the bit about how we use synthetic
chemicals in every other aspect of our existence but somehow in agriculture
that has to be taboo.  Can't use a single juggled molecule- not one- bad,
bad, bad!  Always seems like it's the poor farmer that is the whipping boy
for the sins of humanity.  The industrialists, who are the real sources of
poisoning our planet, get off scot-free.

To me this was a fresh argument because I was new to the list (actually I
still think it has some fresh aspects).  Old timers here found it to be
stale stew for the most part, even though it did stir up a real hornets nest
of controversy.  Lon finally asserted some discipline and the storm
subsided- a storm he'd witnessed several times before.

I'm now beginning to see things Lon's way.  If you go back just a few short
months ago, the list went on for some time about the whole global warming or
climate change thing.  I'm sure that this time around there are a couple of
fresh comments but for the most part it is just stale stew to me.

If this were a debate between climatologists, meteorologists and others in
related fields it might be interesting to me but this all seems like a
rehashing of arguments I've heard before- in fact right here-  culminating
in clever (or not) name calling.  I do believe that we will see this debate
resolved by the fact that recommendations made to prevent increasing
carbon-dioxide emmisions will fall well short.  We can only hope that the
vast majority of those in the for-mentioned fields are in fact mistaken.

OK, there's my 2 bits, now has anyone else out there grown the Victoria
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