[NAFEX] global warming........an observation that has nothingtodo with science....

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Sat Jun 6 02:22:34 EDT 2009


A year or two ago, an online nursery included a chart of calculated global
average temperatures in their catalog.  It was from US Deprtment of
something or another (Maybe Geologic Survey), but it paints a very different
picture of the climate than is generally accepted.  I am including it as an
attachment (though I do not know if the list-serve will strip the attachment
or not.


If it comes through you will notice that we are in fact on a recent upswing.
You will also notice that there appears to be a natural equilibrium at work
which seems to moderate temperatures within a certain range and that we have
quite a way to go before we leave that equilibrium.  You'll also note that
the warmer temperatures seem to peak for longer than the lower temperatures.


I am not discounting the effect pollution, especially water pollution, is
having upon the Earth and its species including us, but I think the ball of
plasma at the center of our solar system has more of an effect on
temperatures here on Earth and on surrounding planets than our chemically
altering of the lowest 2% of the atmosphere.  WE should strive to achieve
balance with the ecosystem, and reduce the particulates polluting that
ecosystem, certainly, but as was previously pointed out this would have to
be a humanity wide solution or as a planet, our best interest is served by
status quo with strong support for new technologies, particularily energy
related ones (Geothermal is one which doesn't get the attention it deserves
in my opinion.  A few 2-3 mile deep holes into which water can be pumped and
then the steam harnessed to make electricity would make wise investments and
go a long way to reducing fossil fuel dependency).


As I see it, a few degrees warmer and slightly higher CO2 levels will help
agriculture.  If they decide to put in a carbon tax, I will be expecting a
credit for the 35+ trees I've planted in the last 5 years.


Scott Hills

Zone 6b Michigan





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