[NAFEX] Pruning Apricots

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Fri Jun 5 21:39:49 EDT 2009

> Frost may have killed branches.  Scratch the bark to see if it is green under the bark.  If the branches are thin, chances are the branch is dead.

None of the branches are actually dead (well, one or two very thin ones, 
I guess), because they are growing from the ends. It's just that there's 
a long bare space before then. And along the bigger branches, there are 
all these bare spurs.

I was just wondering if these bare areas would ever produce leaves 
and/or fruit again. It's been a very nice little tree, but it's about as 
big as I want it to get, so I'll be summer pruning the growing tips. But 
if these spurs and bare areas are gone for good, I'm not sure what can do.


Lincoln, NE (zone 5)

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